“Pink Slime” is Still Bieng Fed to Children in Schools Across the Country Despite Numerous Health Risks

“Pink Slime” is Still Bieng Fed to Children in Schools Across the Country Despite Numerous Health Risks

“And here’s the question people forget when distracted by the shock of finding out about ammonium hydroxide gas and citric acid treatments – it is the reason for its necessity. One of the first questions from 2012 should have been…”Wait, there’s e.coli and salmonella in my beef ?” And MRSA.

From confined animal feeding lots (CAFOs) and hurried, unsafe labor practices. Hard to deny that gem after watching Food Inc., which isn’t the only source for that kind of information. Furthermore, food irradiation has been used for years to treat meat for “safety.” The radiation stickers (radura symbol) are removed before they arrive at the store because it is not considered an ingredient or process. This deader-than-dead food product also contains zapped e.coli and presumably fecal matter. But it’s safe and nutritious to feed school kids….

It is very likely that Cargill’s version will end up in school cafeterias, nursing homes, and hospitals because it sounds better and schools are already clamoring for the cheaper filler, even BPI’s gas-treated kind. Likewise, supermarket chains that dropped BPI’s fare are likely to pick up Cargill’s version because citric acid is ubiquitous in food already and they would reason that the disclosed ingredient would offer all the choice needed for consumers. Cargill has been doing the necessary prep work to reap the benefits of an upswing for the pink slime market. They plan to voluntarily label their beef with the words “finely textured beef” starting early 2014 for packaging to retailers and summer of 2014 for direct-to-costumer packaging.”


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