Hemp has the Potential to Save Our Economy (for Real)

Hemp has the Potential to Save Our Economy (for Real)

” one acre of hemp pumps out more oxygen than 25 acres of forested land. As an added perk, hemp grows easily in a variety of soils – without the need for pesticides. The many uses for hemp are quite impressive, including:

Building materials – Hemp is incredibly functional for building applications – from wall construction to flooring to roof insulation. A proprietary material called Hempcrete is completely recyclable, waterproof, fireproof, does not rot when above ground and resists mildew as well as mold.

Food – Containing 5 grams of protein, 86 mg of magnesium and 10 percent daily value of iron, a 1.5-tablespoon serving of hemp seed is hard to match. The seeds are also a terrific source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (EFAs), which help reduce inflammation, repair DNA damage and support healthy brain function. Hemp oil is another good source of these important EFAs.

Clothing – Dating back to 8,000 BCE China, hemp has a long history of textile use. The rugged fibers are an ideal material for shoes, jeans and athletic wear, although innovative designers are blending hemp with silk for a softer fabric.

Plastics – By striking a sledge hammer to the side of a car made of hemp and soy plastic, Henry Ford demonstrated its resiliency back in the 1940s. Currently, hemp is utilized in the manufacturing of CD and DVD cases, shower curtain liners and other small consumer products.

Paper – As a fast growing and sustainable plant, hemp is an exceptional renewable resource for paper production – much more so than trees.

Bio-fuel – The oil extracted from the hemp plant can be converted into biofuel – a cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum.

Toxic waste management – Acting like a sponge, hemp has been successfully used to absorb toxins and rehabilitate soil after chemical spills and nuclear accidents.”


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