Suburbs Contribute More to Carbon Emissions Than Cities

Suburbs Contribute More to Carbon Emissions Than Cities

“Using dozens of variables, researchers found that greenhouse-gas emissions — largely from cars, trucks and other vehicles — in the suburbs account for about 50 percent of all household emissions in the nation, even though less than 50 percent of the population lives in these areas.”

So what is the solution? Well, there is a LOT of lawn space that does nothing but suck up water. The first thing to do is give people substantial tax incentives to plant a garden (much like the “Victory gardens” of WWII Era). Second, would be to implement a tax incentive for people to construct GREENHOUSES on their properties which could be used to grow vegetables year round. This would cut down on the secondary carbon load created by transporting produce in addition to leading to higher self-sufficiency and independence

The third measure that could be undertaken would be the construction of a mass transit infrastructure. Japan has extremely efficient, country-wide high speed trains which run on magnetic rails, why can’t we have the same? The light-rail system in Minneapolis. MN is a good example of what could be built in the suburbs, with high speed bullet trains being implemented parallel to our highway system.


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