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Aerogels Can be Used to Absorb Oil, Chemicals

Aerogels Can be Used to Absorb Oil, Chemicals

“The aerogel prepared in Gong’s lab is made of cellulose nanofibrils (sustainable wood-based materials) and an environmentally friendly polymer. Furthermore, these cellulose-based aerogels are made using an environmentally friendly freeze-drying process without the use of organic solvents.

It’s the combination of this “greener” material and its high performance that got Gong’s attention.

“For this material, one unique property is that it has superior absorbing ability for organic solvents — up to nearly 100 times its own weight,” she says. “It also has strong absorbing ability for metal ions.'”


Rice Experiment Demonstrates the Ability of Water to Respond to Human Thought

Rice Experiment Demonstrates the Ability of Water to Respond to Human Thought

Scientifically there are 5 criteria for determining whether or not something is considered a mineral:
1. Is it Solid?
2. Is it Inorganic?
3. Is it Natural? (Present in the natural world)
4. Does it have a specific chemical composition that does not change?
5. Does it have a crystalline structure?

All mineral compounds have these characteristics, however, there is one thing that shares these compounds and yet is not considered a mineral: Water. It is found in nature existing in a solid state (ice) and has a specific structure and composition. It has been proposed that water can actually be considered a “Liquid Crystal.” Just as a quartz crystal can be used to pick up radio frequencies, as in a Quart-crystal radio, it is now being demonstrated that water can pick up frequencies from the world around it; not least of all thought-energy! This means that water can be effectively “programmed” with any thought or intention that you want! Masaru Emoto was a pioneer in this area with his ice-crystal experiments, and now his research is being validated by others. This is one example of how the power of thought changes the way that water interacts with the world around it — and considering that your body is 70% water, there is infinite potential to heal yourself through nothing more than positive thinking and outcome-based intention!

The Fukushima Radioactive Disaster Continues, Please Don’t Eat Pacific Ocean Fish

The Fukushima Radioactive Disaster Continues, Please Don’t Eat Pacific Ocean Fish

So what can we do in the face of this disaster? Perhaps it’s time to pray a new kind of Prayer. The power of thought is much more than we’ve been taught. What could a million people meditating on a happy end do? Could thinking “The feul rods have cooled, the water is pure!” en masse do what “science” cannot?