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All You Need To Know About Weather Modification

All You Need To Know About Weather Modification

“This little-known Pentagon-sponsored radiophysics project, called the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), is officially intended to expand knowledge about the nature of long-range radio communications and surveillance using the fluctuating ionosphere – the portion of the upper atmosphere extending from 35 to 500 miles above earth’s surface.

The IRI [ionospheric research instrument (HAARP)] is designed to temporarily modify 30-mile diameter patches of the upper atmosphere by exciting, or “heating,” their constituent electrons and ions with focused beams of powerful, highfrequency radio energy. A household analogy would be a microwave oven, which heats dinner by exciting the food’s water molecules with microwave energy.

Earth-penetrating tomography is a startling potential use of ionospheric heating. The method would work by beaming radio energy into the Auroral electrojet, the curved, charged-particle stream formed at high latitudes where the solar wind interacts with Earth’s magnetic field. The radio energy then disperses over large areas through ductlike regions of the ionosphere, forming a virtual antenna that can be thousands of miles in length. [CJF emphasis added]

Such an ELF antenna can emit waves penetrating as deeply as several kilometers into the ground, depending on the geological makeup and subsurface water conditions in a targeted area. Aircraft or satellites stationed overhead would then collect the reflected ELF waves and relay them to computers at a processing station, where subsurface inhomogeneities…can be imaged.”


Stonehemge’s Musical Properties, Vibration, Energy, and Resonance

Stonehemge’s Musical Properties, Vibration, Energy, and Resonance

The investigators believe that this ‘acoustic energy’ could have been the prime reason why these stones were transported nearly 200 miles from Preseli to Salisbury Plain, as archaeologists have not yet been able to explain why they were brought so far when there were plentiful local rocks from which Stonehenge could have been built.  For some reason, the bluestones were considered special.”

Aerosol Deployment for Weather Modification Conducted by CIA Front Organization Ironically Named Evergreen International Aviation

Aerosol Deployment for Weather Modification Conducted by CIA Front Organization Ironically Named Evergreen International Aviation

“The company brags that their 747 tankers have 7 times the capacity of other fire fighter aircraft delivering up to 20,000 gallons of fire retardant in one mission.  But those huge tankers are conspicuously absent from helping to contain the hundreds of wildfires in Colorado, Northern California and the western US.

Fitted with an advanced aerosol deployment system patented by their own corporation, Evergreen’s fleet of B-747 tankers are apparently too busy dropping weather modification aerosol bombs to have time to put out a “pesky” wildfire.

Giving away their involvement in covert operations, Evergreen is allowed special  exemptions to fly anywhere without needing permission to deviate from a designated route or flight plan.”

Aerogels Can be Used to Absorb Oil, Chemicals

Aerogels Can be Used to Absorb Oil, Chemicals

“The aerogel prepared in Gong’s lab is made of cellulose nanofibrils (sustainable wood-based materials) and an environmentally friendly polymer. Furthermore, these cellulose-based aerogels are made using an environmentally friendly freeze-drying process without the use of organic solvents.

It’s the combination of this “greener” material and its high performance that got Gong’s attention.

“For this material, one unique property is that it has superior absorbing ability for organic solvents — up to nearly 100 times its own weight,” she says. “It also has strong absorbing ability for metal ions.'”

A Comprehensive History of Secret Societies in Europe and America

A Comprehensive History of Secret Societies in Europe and America

“Right now, the power is concentrated in the hands of a few rich individuals like George Bush, for example, who’s legacy goes something like this:

  • graduated Yale in the Skull and Bones fraternity in 1948, went into the Airforce, got shot down and was played up in the press as a war hero 
  • becomes owner of Zapata Off-shore Oil , which controls a large fleet of oil tankers off the coast of Kuwait 
  • becomes director of the CIA, working to introduce cocaine and heroin in large part to America 
  • is made Director of Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals by Dan Quayle’s Father (Lilly produces precursor chemicals used in cocaine production) 
  • sits on the board of First Interstate Bank, Puralator Shipping, and Texas Gulf (Fertilizers and pesticides to grow the Coca with and then spray on it to wipe some of it out) 
  • then becomes Vice-President and Drug Czar (During this time Cocaine influx into the U.S. increased by over 2000 %) 
  • declares war on the American people and the Bill of Rights through the militarization of a phony drug war 
  • tricks Saddam Hussein with the help of the leaders of Kuwait, into attacking Iraq (The reason was Zapata Oil’s slant drilling from Kuwait into Iraqi territory) so that he could declare war under a U.N. Mandate, strengthen the U.N. and hike up oil prices 
  • then before leaving office, signs into law a secret Telecommunications Bill requiring the switch-over of all Federal and Bank phone lines to Fiber Optic for the purpose of electronic funds transfer as required by law in the year 2000 when cash and checks will be no longer legal 
  • if that isn’t bad enough, he also has brothers and sons that are Skull and Bones members and they do politics as well 
  • Neil Bush (Silverado Savings and Loan Scam), there is Jeb Bush and there are several other Bush’s hiding in the BIG BUSH FAMILY 
  • it is probably no coincidence that the Harriman and Bush families both have a history in Eugenics or race purification and Genetic Selective Breeding

People of intelligence understand that the world around us — the images we see, the buildings we inhabit, has an acute effect on the structure of the way we think, and thereby the way that we act and interact with others as well. If you control a society’s architecture [and media] you really do control its thoughts. That is, until people begin to understand the mechanisms by which their thought is directed. This is why the “Masons” have been the keepers of secret knowledge for centuries.

An Interview With A View On Holograms That Will Change The World

An Interview With A View On Holograms That Will Change The World

All physical matter is constantly moving, organized according to vibration, to frequency, which is the frequencies with which vibrations interact. Elements can be “programmed” to work with frequencies, be they in a quart-crystal radio, a musical instrument, or a microchip. This interview considers the direct application of vibration-based holographic (like on the back of your CREDIT CARDS) technology to problems of carbon emissions and homeopathy. Human beings glow in the dark, though the emissions are too slight for us to see working with only our thin sliver of the visible light spectrum. When we are diseased, the light changes in a predictable way (IF you know how to work with sound vibration, light, and conductive materials).

Suburbs Contribute More to Carbon Emissions Than Cities

Suburbs Contribute More to Carbon Emissions Than Cities

“Using dozens of variables, researchers found that greenhouse-gas emissions — largely from cars, trucks and other vehicles — in the suburbs account for about 50 percent of all household emissions in the nation, even though less than 50 percent of the population lives in these areas.”

So what is the solution? Well, there is a LOT of lawn space that does nothing but suck up water. The first thing to do is give people substantial tax incentives to plant a garden (much like the “Victory gardens” of WWII Era). Second, would be to implement a tax incentive for people to construct GREENHOUSES on their properties which could be used to grow vegetables year round. This would cut down on the secondary carbon load created by transporting produce in addition to leading to higher self-sufficiency and independence

The third measure that could be undertaken would be the construction of a mass transit infrastructure. Japan has extremely efficient, country-wide high speed trains which run on magnetic rails, why can’t we have the same? The light-rail system in Minneapolis. MN is a good example of what could be built in the suburbs, with high speed bullet trains being implemented parallel to our highway system.