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ESPN Excessively Profitable Yet Subsidized by Tax Dollars

ESPN Excessively Profitable Yet Subsidized by Tax Dollars

“ESPN is hardly needy. With nearly 100 million households paying about $5.54 a month for ESPN, regardless of whether they watch it, the network takes in more than $6 billion a year in subscriber fees alone. Still, ESPN has received about $260 million in state tax breaks and credits over the past 12 years, according to a New York Times analysis of public records. That includes $84.7 million in development tax credits because of a film and digital media program, as well as savings of about $15 million a year since the network successfully lobbied the state for a tax code change in 2000.”


NFL’s Untaxed Profits are in the Billions, Yet their Stadiums are Constructed with Taxpayer Money

“…Staggering amounts of public funds are used to build the homes for NFL teams as well as a few of the NFL’s other staggering fiscal stats”
Why is it our favorite national sport? Perhaps because of how it mirrors our politics; two teams (let’s say Red and Blue), owned and payed for by a small group of billionaires, in a winner-take-all fight.